Funds Raised

The Gyanada Foundation is an educational non-profit organisation founded in 2013. We work to create better opportunities for Indian girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. We believe that better educational outcomes lead to better lives.

Since our founding, we’ve worked carefully with a small number of well-established education non-profits who work as our field partners in five states.

We are a registered trust in India and a company limited by guarantee in Singapore (the standard non-profit structure in Singapore), and our team is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

We exist because we believe a tragedy is unfolding before our eyes. Education standards are falling despite rising enrolment rates, and girls are disproportionately dropping out of school. In India, four out of five girls drop out before the age of 15.


Gyanada Principles:

Inclusive. Gyanada is another name for Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge. However, we are a inclusive organization which aims to provide equal opportunity to all female students who need it, regardless of religion, caste or ethnicity.

Continuity. Every girl who enters the Gyanada Foundation’s scholarship program has the chance to complete as much school as she can attain. We encourage our students to aspire towards higher education with at least the completion of formal education through to Standard XII. We renew their scholarship as long as they stay in school. Four out of five girls drop out of school before the age of 15, making ‘staying in school’ one of the key metrics we measure our success on.

Access. We believe in the development of the Indian girl beyond mere academics. Our programs are designed to provide opportunities to them in a holistic manner. From 2015, we will provide access to language and computer training to all Gyanada students.